How to Build a Basic Home Bar

Whether you are designing the perfect wet bar or simply putting together a serviceable bar cart, figuring out how to stock the home bar for the first time may seem overwhelming. There are a lot of choices available, which can be daunting to the neophyte. The following guide can help you put everything together successfully. The Backbone The backbone of the home bar consists of five essential liquors -- whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila.

4 Must Try Nigerian Dishes

With the proliferation of African cuisine becoming quite commonplace in America, there's no reason to find a way to get ahold of African food, whether you go to a restaurant, order the food online, or try your own hand at making one of these delicious dishes. Nigerian food, with its heavy emphasis on sautéed veggies and delicious sauces, is becoming increasingly popular among African foods. Included on this list are just a few must try dishes from Nigeria.

3 Foods That Are Affected By Hard Water

Water plays a significant role in the production and preparation of your food. If you have hard water in your house, then it could change the way your food looks and taste. Here are three foods affected by hard water. Fruits And Vegetables Fruits and vegetables can change when cooked in hard water. Hard water changes the texture of these foods because of the amount of calcium ions. A calcium ion is a metal and makes it hard for water to form a lather when using soap.

Two Broiled Chicken Thigh Recipes For Big Groups

Few people don't enjoy chicken, and chicken thighs are the perfect cut when you're cooking for a crowd, since they're less sensitive to over-cooking than breasts. Whether you're a caterer who is professionally preparing a meal for an event or an at-home cook preparing for your own party, here are two broiled chicken thigh recipes that are sure to impress the guests. Cajun-Honey Chicken Thighs Spicy Cajun seasoning is balanced by the sweetness of honey in this simple recipe.

Cocoa Powder, Hemp Seeds, Coconut Oil, And Coconuts: Four Ways To Boost Your Gyms Juice Bar Sales

If you run a gym and are seeing stagnating sales from the juice bar, then you need to start revamping your menu. Many people are becoming more interesting in non-energy drinks, and prefer natural juices and smoothies. However, in order to get them over to the juice bar you should start offering things beyond bananas, berries, ice and protein powder. The four ingredients bellow are all great additions because they are unique, and are often mentioned in health blogs and magazines for their health benefits (which will be discussed below.

3 Methods For Improving Your Homemade Iced Coffee

One of the hardest parts about being an avid coffee drinker is that it can be a difficult hobby to maintain during the summer. The reason for this is that it can often be way too hot to drink hot beverages all day and iced coffee can quickly become a very expensive indulgence.  As a result, many coffee drinkers attempt to make homemade iced coffee, which can often result in disappointment due to the various considerations that must be kept in mind when brewing iced coffee versus hot coffee, such as acidity and coffee ratios.