Cocoa Powder, Hemp Seeds, Coconut Oil, And Coconuts: Four Ways To Boost Your Gyms Juice Bar Sales

If you run a gym and are seeing stagnating sales from the juice bar, then you need to start revamping your menu. Many people are becoming more interesting in non-energy drinks, and prefer natural juices and smoothies. However, in order to get them over to the juice bar you should start offering things beyond bananas, berries, ice and protein powder. The four ingredients bellow are all great additions because they are unique, and are often mentioned in health blogs and magazines for their health benefits (which will be discussed below.)

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder can be added to smoothies in order to enhance the flavor and also provide health benefits (such as aiding in fat loss.) This type of cocoa is not like the sweet chocolate that is sold in candy stores. It's a powder made from grinding the beans. If you want to really sell your customers on the freshness and potency of your juices and smoothies, then you should order cocoa beans in bulk and have a grinding station set up. Then you can grind the cocoa beans to order and add them to the juice or smoothie. If you're interested in more information on cocoa, check with companies like the Trans Mar Group.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. This is an awesome choice to offer your customers. All of the vegan athletes who work out at the gym will love the hemp seed offering because it's a great alternative to whey protein. You can grind the hemp seeds in a grinder, or you can get hemp seed powder. The hemp powder has very little flavor, so it's great in everythign from green juices (kale or wheatgrass) as well as fruit smoothies.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is getting lots of attention because of its MCT content. This is a particular type of fat (medium chain triglycerides ) that are believed to be aid with fat loss and in building muscle. You should get an unrefined coconut oil, extra-virgin/cold pressed is the type you should look for. This oil should not be stored in the refrigerator because it will get hard. You should keep it room temperature so that it will blend easily. Besides the health benefits, coconut oil is great because it adds a really nice coconut flavor to juices and smoothies.


As part of the display you could stack brown coconuts as well as have a selection of young coconuts on display. The young coconuts (the green variety) are the type you will often see cut open at the top and people drinking from them with a straw. The green husk is removed and then the white shell is cracked open. You can teach your staff how to do this and you can offer customers fresh from the source coconut water.