Tips for Using Your Snack Seasonings to the Max

There are plenty of delicious snack seasonings that you can purchase pre-made and use, as desired, to flavor your own snacks and foods. If you do buy one or more of these seasonings, you may find yourself wondering how to get the most out of them. Here are some tips to help you use your snack seasonings to the max.

Determine whether or not your seasoning includes salt.

Some snack seasoning mixes are made with salt, and others are made without it. If you purchase one with salt, then you won't generally need to add additional salt when you use the seasoning to flavor snacks and others foods. On the other hand, if the seasoning does not contain salt, you may want to add salt alongside the seasoning in certain applications. (Salt-free snack seasonings are common because some people are sensitive to salt and can't have too much for medical reasons.)

Taste the seasoning on some plain crackers before you use it.

Before you use the seasoning to cook or make snacks, you want to get an idea of its flavor and how strong the flavor is. This will clue you into how much seasoning you have to use and what foods the seasoning may taste good on. The best thing to try a seasoning on is often a plain, saltine cracker. Dip a cracker in a little neutral oil, like olive oil, and then dip it in the snack seasoning. Give it a try, and see what you think.

Always use something to encourage the snack seasoning to stick.

When you do use the snack seasoning to flavor pretzels, crackers, nuts, or other favorite snacks, you will need a way to make it stick. An easy approach is to toss your snacks in a little bit of oil first. You can place the snacks in a bowl, drizzle a little oil over them, and toss them very thoroughly in the bowl. Then, sprinkle on the seasoning. You may need to do a little trial and error to figure out how much oil you need to use. You don't want so much that the oil feels slippery; you just want a really light layer.

The tips above should serve you well when using the snack seasonings you purchase. Talk to the company that makes the seasoning if you have any additional questions. They can tell you what has worked for other customers.