Gelato Game Changers: Winning Ways To Serve Gelato Any Time Of The Day

What is there not to love about gelato? With its creamy texture and delicate sweetness, gelato has no problem standing alone as a tasty snack or after-dinner dessert. Gelato pints are great for sharing and eating straight out of the container, but you can also use them to create fun and unique meal additions everyone will enjoy.

Gelato with pastries

If you are looking for a fun way to spice up a boring breakfast, look no further than gelato. Slice a buttery croissant in half and top with a few scoops of creamy gelato for a refreshing breakfast treat. Sweet muffins are another great option for creating a gelato breakfast that is irresistible.

You can also create your own gelato-filled pastry by slicing your favorite doughnut in half, spreading it with gelato, and putting the halves back together. Glazed or sugar-sprinkled donuts work best.

Gelato with wafers and cookies

You can trade a traditional spoon for a sweet and crunchy wafer spoon when serving gelato for dessert or snack. The subtly sweet and delicate crispness of a wafer makes it a perfect partner to complement the creamy texture of gelato. Children will enjoy scooping up mounds of gelato onto the wafer for an afterschool treat.

Cookies are right at home beside gelato. Shortbread cookies, with their buttery texture, are sure winners to serve with gelato for a sweet ending to any meal. Lemon cookies, snickerdoodles, and soft sugar cookies are other delightful gelato partners.

Gelato sundaes and banana splits

Why spend a fortune for a treat at the local ice cream shop when you can make your own at home with gelato? From banana splits to sundaes, gelato will give ice cream a run for its money. Serve in fancy dishes for a dinner party or let the kids make their own sundaes and banana splits complete with all the toppings for a fun dessert.

Take advantage of seasonal fruit by topping vanilla gelato with fresh-picked strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Fresh fruit also pairs well with coffee- or tiramisu-flavored gelato. Do not forget to add a few dollops of whipped cream, a drizzle of hot fudge, and a sprinkling of nuts to your creation.

With pints of gelato on hand in the freezer, you will never have to wonder what to serve for a delicious dessert or snack. Both kids and adults will enjoy the savory sweetness of creamy gelato. Pairing other foods with gelato will make its creamy goodness even more special whether serving it with meals or for snack time.