Preparing To Have Frozen Prime Rib Delivered To Your Restaurant

Serving prime rib can really set your restaurant apart. However, if you are not used to getting these huge cuts of meat in and dealing with them, there can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to thawing, storing, cooking, and handling the meat. Here are a few tips to help minimize the number of challenges and problems you encounter as you start having frozen prime ribs delivered.

Have the prime ribs delivered about three days before you plan on cooking them

Frozen prime ribs can weigh 15 pounds or more. It can take a piece of meat this large several days to thaw in a cooler. No, you cannot and should not leave it out on the counter to thaw, as this could result in the replication of pathogens that cause foodborne illness. And while you can thaw meat under running water, it is a real hassle with a piece of prime rib that big. Your best bet is to just have the prime rib delivered at least three days before you plan on cooking them so that they have lots of time to thaw slowly and completely.

Have several extras delivered to keep in the freezer

Whole prime rib roasts are expensive, so your first thought may be to have one or two delivered at a time. But if your schedule ends up off by even a day, you can end up without any prime rib thawed to cook. So, it's best to get ahead in the beginning. Have a few extras delivered, and stash them in the freezer. Take them out to thaw about three days before you want to cook them. On the day you move those from the freezer to cooler, call to arrange for your next delivery.

Have a plan for serving the leftovers

When you prepare prime rib and put it on the menu, it is hard to know how many servings to plan for. You may thaw and cook four roasts, only to serve just three of them. So, before you even start having prime rib delivered, come up with some menu items that can use up the leftovers. A shaved prime rib sandwich, beef soup, or a beef quesadilla all work well.

Having frozen prime rib delivered is a good way to vary your menu and attract more customers, and as long as you take the preparatory steps above, you'll be well equipped to handle the challenges. Reach out to a company that provides frozen prime rib delivery services to set up a schedule.